Melissa Yardy: A Commitment to Clients

Melissa Yardy has been in the real estate business for over 30 years. Clients know they can depend on her to provide outstanding service, whether they are buying or selling.

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For those who are looking to sell, Ms. Yardy creates a customized and comprehensive marketing plan, which includes Ms. Yardy’s personal and financial investment in the sale. This will ensure that the property is exposed to the greatest number of possible buyers.

For those looking to buy, Ms. Melissa Yardy knows what makes the St. Petersburg area special. She understands why people are anxious to move here, with spectacular Gulf beaches and beautiful water that is just right for boating and other water activities, shopping, restaurants, and an amazing cultural, arts, and sporting scene.


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She also knows that the area is home to an outstanding array of luxury homes, condominiums, and condo hotels. With her expertise in real estate and her knowledge of the area she has helped countless clients through the years to find the home of their dreams. Whether the client wants to live on the beach, in the heart of St. Petersburg, or in a secluded cottage where they can relax and watch the amazing Florida sunrises and sunsets everyday, Ms. Yardy can help!


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Melissa Yardy is a Florida-licensed broker with the experience and know-how to help clients buy their dream home or sell their property. She carries out her commitment to her clients by using innovative marketing strategies, superior contract negotiation skills, and her excellent professional understanding of the ever-changing marketplace. Once someone becomes a client of hers, she is determined to make them a client for life by exceeding their every expectation. She operates under the principles of integrity, dedication, honesty, and accountability, with the goal of doing what is right for the customer and helping each client to fulfill their needs.


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