Melissa Yardy: Top Return on Investment

It’s amazing how well an investor of real estate can do in real estate in our market today.  A client of ours just purchased a townhouse in Lake Forest Condominium in Pinellas Park.  It a fairly large complex of wooden construction and is located in mid Pinellas county.  The purchasers bought the property at $50,000 and put about $15,000 to update the kitchen, bath, carpet and paint and it’s beautiful condition.  Based on the rental market they are advertising it for rent for $1500 per month.  Their taxes and insurance is about $100.00 per month and the maintenance fee is $385.00 leaving them a net of $1015.00 per month so their earning a whopping 18.7% on their investment, if the
property is rented the whole year and they have no repairs.  That’s an incredible return compared to leaving that money in the bank.  Now is a good time to buy real estate !! Visit my website

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